Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ahhh pasta!!

Time now for my dinner and well it was a dish taken from another magazine and done in my own way!!

Serves one and you will need...

Free on green(unless you are not counting the veggie parmesan as a HEXA then add 5.5 syns)

Enough pasta for one person
Juice and rind of half a lemon
Half a courgette cut into slices
Handful of baby carrots, cut in half
Yellow pepper cut up into chunks
Some hot veggie stock(about quarter of a pint)
Frozen peas(a goodly amount)
Salt and pepper to season
Fresh basil and chives(though i couldn't find my chives..)
1 oz of veggie parmesan

How to do...

Put the stock, lemon juice and rind along with the carrots, courgette and pepper into a pan and bring to a fast simmer, as you do this make up the past according to instructions

After 5 mins add the peas and carry on cooking.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and add to the veggies and stock mix and serve in a bowl, stir through 1 oz of veggie parmesan and roughly tear some basil on the top and hey presto ready to go!

I followed this with a bowlful of ripe strawberries with a mandarin muller light mixed through very nice!

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